Cristina | Digital Marketing manager

Cristina works closely with coders on our clients’ websites to maximise SEO or to re-design and create better traction & online presence. As well as designing websites, Cristina manages the digital side of Concrete, analysing clients’ digital outputs, tracking their web performance, social media and digital marketing campaigns. A mean social media trainer, Cristina knows her @’s and #’s and ensures clients get the most meaningful outcome from each tweet, post and blog. Cristina’s B2C background adds a fresh insight to Concrete’s B2B campaigns.


Cristina’s uniqueness

Cristina speaks and writes in five languages fluently and runs her own travel blog with over 35,000 unique monthly readers which has been shortlisted for two awards. Having a shoe collection that would rival that of Imelda Marcos’, you will find Cristina jet-setting to her next travel blog destination at any given weekend, when of course she is not instagramming at the latest London hotspot.



King's College London  International Marketing MSC

University of Bucharest  Media Communications BA (hons)

University of Bucharest  Tourism BA (hons)