Stay safe

Stay safe

“I’m now asking that all Londoners using public transport wear a non-medical face covering, I expect anyone travelling on any TfL service to wear a non-medical cloth covering over their nose and mouth for the entirety of their journey. These can be homemade.” SADIQ KHAN

Now that Sadiq has said it is advisable to wear masks on public transport or in crowded places for the foreseeable future, the question is where do you find one?

By buying masks from PPE suppliers are you preventing front line staff from having access to essential protection?

We love this quick and easy ‘one wear’ idea from Carol – a friend of Concrete’s. No sewing, no washing just a one minute solution for that quick dash to the supermarket or a social distancing walk. Read how to make your own mask below.


Paper napkin
Old T-Shirt
Greaseproof paper


Take a t-shirt and cut a wide 1.5 cm strip along the bottom.


Cut strip into 2x30cm lengths & knot at ends. These are your earpieces.

Cut card to 17cm x 12cm and use this as a template to cut greaseproof paper to the same size.


Take a paper napkin or cut an old piece of material to 33cm x 33cm.

Place card in centre of material and fold top and bottom to make creases at the top and bottom to form the mask, then remove the card and replace with a rectangle of greaseproof paper (17cm x 12cm.) Refold around the greaseproof paper.


Put your ‘ear pieces’ on either side of your now rectangle napkin knot side in and fold the ends into the middle tuck under.

Loop over either ear and position over nose and mouth – hey presto – your ‘mask in a minute’.

Thank you Carol for the genius idea, (greaseproof who knew?), also thanks to Hassan Mead and Max Callan who filmed and put together this fantastic video of Carol demonstrating how easy it is to make!