Without a shadow of a doubt, one of Concrete’s most popular offerings during this difficult time has been our non-retained quarterly business development service. We like to think of it as a digital presence workout to strengthen your business development.

Like a personal trainer at the gym, we work with you to create a step-by-step routine to make you stronger – online. We help you qualify your database and then help to write compelling stories and content.

All to resonate with your existing audience, re-engage with past clients and help you find new ones.

This service goes hand in hand with your social media strategy – with a plan every 12-weeks to grow your online presence and reach your audiences from every angle.

See how we make clients shine online here.



Business development has never been easy. And it sure as hell ain’t got any easier.

Once upon a time meeting face to face and giving out business cards was the norm for growing your network and developing your business. But now with this not always being an option, you may find yourself stuck in Zoom prison.

With our regular touchpoint and follow-up strategies, we can help minimize the hours you clock up on Zoom.

Having a strong digital presence is important, even more now that your in-person presence is limited. A huge 81% of prospective clients check you out online before engaging with you for the first time – not only by visiting your website but all your social channels too – before they even consider contacting you. This means if your digital presence is flat, you’re not going to stand out from your  Zoom counterparts.

At Concrete, our digital team uses the power of social media to help you stand out. We use insights to show you how you’re performing with your target clients and then provide a measurable follow-up strategy that tells you how to generate new business.

Working together with you we use our unique approach to help you drive new business activity, building you a consistent social, digital, and business development ‘workout’ four times throughout the year.

We back this up by supplying content and pushing out compelling stories every 12-weeks, for 12-weeks, across all your social channels. And the cherry on top. At the end of every 4-week stint, it’s all backed up with analytics so you can see the stuff that’s really working and making you shine online.

Just like a workout at the gym, we provide a step-by-step process that enables you to be proactive, consistent, and joined up in 12-week workouts. The only difference from the gym is we do the heavy lifting for you!