Scream the House Down

Scream the House Down

During Lockdown 1 we worked with Illuminate Productions to achieve global participation for the installation ‘Scream the House Down’. The piece created by artist Marcus Lyall and installed by local volunteers was created as part of the London Festival of Architecture and featured in many publications promoting its success.

Focussing on the #powerofcommunity and harnessing Primal Scream Therapy the installation had over 2000 participants from all over the world. People of all ages took part, from teachers and NHS staff to teenagers, furloughed workers and councillors.

The large-scale light installation took over a derelict building in London Bridge, with the lights reacting live to the length, volume and pitch of screams. People wanting a good scream connected on Zoom to turn the building into a spectacle of colour, light and human emotion.

We had everything from screamers, mumblers, and whistlers, to people playing music, singing along and even confessionals. The project was so successful that Southwark Council extended it by a further two weeks, there’s obviously a lot to scream about right now.

Watch some screams here:

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