Simon Buckley is an artist based in Salford. In 2015 he began an ongoing personal project called Not Quite Light. He photographs the cities of Manchester and Salford at dawn, exploring themes of regeneration and heritage as the two cities undergo considerable redevelopment.

His work was spotted on Twitter by AJ100 Manchester and London based practice 5plus Architects and they invited him to come up with an idea that they could commission.

Simon was interested in the difference between the CGI concept artwork, when buildings are conceived and the reality once they have been built.

Usually, when we see architects' impressions it is always perennial summer, there is no litter and everyone is well dressed.

But these buildings, viewed in their actual existence, have to compete with the actual detritus of real life - this inspired the work “You Live With Us, We Live With You”

5plus suggested 10 buildings to photograph ( 6 in Manchester, 4 in London ) and left Simon to get on with it over an 18 month period.

This resulted in a limited edition book containing his writing on the subject, as well as photographs.

Simon said…

“I took the first photograph, the fairground outside the Corn Exchange, Manchester in December 2015 so it’s been a long and fascinating journey.

“I’ve learned a lot about architecture, the 5plus approach, the decisions they have to make every day and their integrity. And I have huge respect for them and the process.

“It has been a life changing project for me and even though I will still see the buildings every day I felt a sadness when I knew I had taken my last photograph.

“The book surpasses everything I dared hope for when the project began.”

Proceeds from the book sales go to the Manchester mental health charity 42nd Street.

Simon continues to work on his Not Quite Light project and now also produces podcasts featuring tales from the half light.

Simon is now working on his second Not Quite Light festival, which will be staged in Salford 17-20th May 2018 featuring work by other artists, guided walks, debates, music and live performance. Click here for more information. 

To buy your limited edition copy of “You Live With Us, We Live You” click here.

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