Tea + Architecture is a chance for members of the public to get an hour of affordable architectural advice from one of Stephen Kavanagh Architects’ senior designers, with all of the proceeds going to Evolve Housing + Support, an established homelessness charity based in South London.
The idea was developed by SKA and Evolve on the basis of “better homes for all”, funding support for those in need by engaging with those looking to buy, build, extend or renovate.  The workshops are open to all as a means of early engagement with the architecture profession.

While buildings take months to design and longer to build, there are a number of ways in which a short chat with a professional architect can be immensely useful.  It could be a discussion of the ins and outs of planning permission, or the potential of a prospective plot.  It may simply be an explanation of the design process itself.  Starting in March 2018, homeowners and homebuyers will be able to book casual Saturday morning workshops to discuss their ambitions.
The requested donation is £90 for the hour, with all of the proceeds going to the charity.  Should anyone wish to offer more, this would always be welcome.  Participants are free to keep any sketches or notes offered during your session, and if any workshop should develop into a full commission, a small amount of the professional fees will also be donated to the charity.

The first and most important step is to email hello@stephenkavanagharch.com expressing your interest, and someone will get in touch.

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