Communicating Your Uniqueness


A unique selling point (USP), sometimes called unique selling proposition, is the essence of what makes you ‘better’ and stand out from your competitors. 

This is all very well but in a crowded market place - how do you actually achieve this?  It’s easier for some of our brands and product clients to communicate their USP in both B2C and B2B markets.

But what about the architects, engineers and project managers we work with?

They are all the same practice size. Their practices are the same age. They go to the same events. They work in the same sectors. And they all want to target the same developers and prospective clients.

‘A USP’ has been around since the 1940s and is ‘the USP’ of advertising pioneer Rosser Reeves of Ted Bates and Company, one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies who was later snapped up by Saatchi and Saatchi in the 80’s and are now part of WWP.

Rosser coined the phrase “melt in your mouth, not in your hand" for M&Ms.

Confectionary, like Architecture and Construction, is one of the most competitive markets.

You all design. You all engineer. You all build. You all project manage - so how do you stand out and ‘fly your flag’?

Yes, of course all your buildings look different and are incredible because they have been designed by you.  

But, in black and white and on paper you all look the same (images & CGIs not included).

What makes you really stand out?

Of course the architecture and construction companies we work with of all have their ‘uniqueness’.  Often, they don’t what it is - it’s our job to find it!

We work closely with our clients by profiling their practices, looking at what the competition is doing and carrying out client perception surveys. 

We give them the tactics to really home in on what’s going to make them stand out.

 “If everybody looked the same
We'd get tired looking at each other”

Groove Armada

In some cases, the first job is to clean up their ‘shop window’ [their website]. Next up, is how to find ways to promote their expertise as thought leaders in a very crowded space.

We’re the ones to make this happen.

We market our clients using both inbound and outbound strategies and make sure they’re featured in apposite media.  We highlight clients’ notoriety and the business leads they need for growth.

At our Friday ‘think tanks’ we analyse all our clients’ marketing and promotional campaigns. The most important input is the in-house sessions with clients which enable us to devise tactics suitable for converting their next project leads.  

"Differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage."

Theodore Levitt

Don’t ‘melt’ in someone’s hand. Let us help you find your company’s uniqueness and build the foundations for your marketing and pr success. 

Olivia Mudie