Interpreted Identities: A Union Of Uniquenes

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In celebration of the centenary year of women's suffrage and the London Festival of Architecture's theme of 'Identity', CONCRETE partnered with charity Bankside Open Spaces Trust to  present 'Interpreted Identities' — a series of dedicated installations, or ‘follies,’ created by a selection of London’s architecture design practices and artists that have each taken inspiration from an extraordinary female figure — past or present.

This unique design challenge encompassing this year's ‘Identity’ theme set by London Festival of Architecture celebrates 'extraordinary women'.

Some BOST sites have historically been set up by extraordinary women and are steeped in history.  

We launched the design challenge back in April, giving designers, artists and architects the choice to either interpret the identity of an extraordinary woman of history, or to depict their own nominated hero. 

This design challenge celebrates the identity of extraordinary women who have taken bold steps to make a difference in shaping the future social, architectural or urban environment of their local communities and beyond, whilst inspiring new generations. 

We were inundated with responses and now with 10 practices signed up there are some truly wonderful stories and installation designs exhibited in Malborough Sports Garden.

Come and see 10 extraordinary installations at the Malborough Sports Garden throughout the month of June. We helped BOST to launch this incredible space last month (Well, local Olympian Tom Daley did all the hard work)

Practices taking part are:


Forge Architects

PRP Architects

RCKa Architects

DnA Factory

Stephen Kavanagh Architects


One Works

Foundry and Bottle

Cove Burgess


With an amazing mix of ‘extraordinary women’ interpreted:

Octavia Hill

P.J. Harvey

Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan

James Barry


Mary Shelley

Fanny Wilkinson

Bella Burge

Annie Besant

Mary Wollstonecraft


Tim – Chairman - Bankside Open Spaces Trust said:

“It’s fantastic to see the new Marlborough Sports Garden being used for this design challenge. It's also been wonderful working alongside the London Festival of Architecture to celebrate these unsung local heroes whose stories we are proud to tell.”

Olivia – Director - Concrete said:

“This has been an amazing experience – the budget for the design challenge was capped to ensure that it would be possible for practices of all sizes to take part."

"Seeing this challenge unfold, working with practices and artists choosing and nominating their extraordinary women, to actually seeing their genius ideas fall into place is quite an experience"

"See these installations / follies throughout the month of June - culminating in an incredible celebration of The Great Get Together." 

"This design challenge celebrates community and architecture in union on Union Street - London SE1"

BOST is simply a unique charity – from the people that work there to the spaces that they create.”

When Concrete discovered that the Malborough Sports Garden (the 45th space that BOST undertook to design and manage) was to help local children (Southwark has the largest obesity rates in the UK) get into all sorts of sports for free because local businesses fund Marlborough Sports Garden by keeping fit themselves; CONCRETE just had to do something to help raise awareness of this 2 acre unique space.

"It's The London Festival of Architecture,the participating architects, designers and of course BOST that have the magic powers to make quite literally, an extraordinary event happen".

The London Festival of Architecture 

Bankside Open Spaces Trust

Marlborough Sports Garden

Olivia Mudie