Practice Profile: The DnA Factory

Interpreted Identities features ten installations from architects and artists. For each, designers chose to interpret the identity of an extraordinary woman through architectural means. 

Many of these extraordinary women worked and lived in this local area. These installations celebrate community and architecture in union on Union Street — London, SE1.

We spoke to London artists, The DnA Factory, who have interpreted the identity of Mary Shelley (more about her here), to find out more about the artists and the reason why they chose Mary. 

Why did you choose your extraordinary woman?
We wanted to echo the constructed theme of Mary's most famous novel, Frankenstein, the bolting together of unrelated human parts.

The piece is constructed from salvaged materials, found objects, so is 100% a recycled/up-cycled sculptural work. Viewed from the back forwards we're following a narrative, taking you on a journey from the construction of a concrete chain, dancing soldiers locked together in a dervish whirl speak of the follies of war, a compass marks direction, the hand reaching across the inevitable bonds of the DnA were all created by and from, across the doily representing society and expectation, past vanity — suggested by an empty ornate mirror frame, across time - a clock face minus hands, towards the key to growth, a holistic and harmonious life. 

The piece resembles a tomb, to remind us all about our own fragility and mortality. The golden head to make us remember the power of imagination and creativity.

What is your practice best known for?
Unique and uncompromising sculpture, montage & installation. Interwoven throughout are a series of constant themes regarding shifting morality, alienation and isolation, perceptions of sex and sexuality, gender and gender confusions, an intermingling of the positive and the negative, the ordinary and extra-ordinary.

What is your favourite DnA project?
The Sculpture Shack/Models For Monuments which was on show at Chelsea Arts Club this year (closed March 2018). The Sculpture Shack was a site-specific dystopian summer house fabricated from salvaged materials, containing a series of our most recent sculpture/assemblages and collage, under the banner ‘Models For Monuments’.  

How does your folly reflect the approach of The DnA Factory?
Our folly is loaded with metaphor, allegory, elusive illusions, suggestions which give the observer space to find the threads of the story or commentary, the chance to weave that story together. 


About The DnA Factory
Founded in 1990 by Dallas & Angel [DnA][b.1967] after graduating the University of London Goldsmith’s College. This art partnership has continued to produce some of the most unique and uncompromising sculpture, montage & installation. Their work is held in influential collections worldwide.

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To find out more about the Interpreted Identities design challenge, click here.

Olivia Mudie