Practice Profile: Foundry & Bottle

Interpreted Identities features ten installations from architects and artists. For each, designers chose to interpret the identity of an extraordinary woman through architectural means. 

We spoke to London studio, Foundry & Bottle, who has interpreted the identity of Mary Wollstonecraft (more about her here), to find out more about the firm and the reason why it chose Mary.

Why did you choose your extraordinary woman?
While there are many extraordinary women worthy of representation, there are few who have made such an impact with so little recognition. We saw this project as an opportunity to raise awareness of Wollstonecraft's complicated and important legacy, joining with Mary On The Green to create something that will continue the campaign for her memorialisation even after this event is over. 

Mary Wollstonecraft was a writer, philosopher and revolutionary thinker who defies definition. Despite being considered a founder of feminism and an inspiration for campaigners over the last two centuries she is critically under appreciated, and this folly joins the movement for her wider recognition. 

The design of the folly responds to Wollstonecraft's letters written during her travels in Scandinavia, where the sublime nature of her surroundings led to deep, introspective, reflections on her position in society. To capture this moment, a timber enclosure frames a handmade stained glass ceiling, with it’s sublime light creating a calm and secluded space for your own moments of reflection. 

What is your practice best known for?
The unexpected. We delight in honing the surprising results of colliding ideas, starting every project with an unusual discovery that we carefully craft into something beautiful.

What is on the drawing board?
A film about Edward Hopper’s wife and a shingle-clad garden cabin.

What is your favourite project of Foundry & Bottle?
As a young practice, every project we do improves upon the last, generating new ideas and approaches that inform the next. So right now, this is our favourite project - until the next!

How does your folly reflect the approach of Foundry & Bottle?
Our approach is present in many aspects of the folly, from the narrative and formal research-driven references, to the combination of digital design and the handmade craft. Most importantly though, our approach is represented in the curated collaboration between a diverse group of makers - something that we believe is critical to any successful design.


Foundry & Bottle is a South London-based interdisciplinary studio with eight years of collective industry experience. Malina and Jasper are graduates from The Bartlett School of Architecture where they first began explorations between architecture, sculpture, film and immersive technologies.



To find out more about the Interpreted Identities design challenge, click here.

Olivia Mudie