Join us to celebrate an extraordinary exhibition

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After an incredible month which saw our ‘Interpreted Identities’ take centre stage at the Marlborough Sports Garden for London Festival of Architecture, we are delighted to announce a permanent addition to the space: PIXEL HÛT 3.0.

Designed by HÛT Architecture and made possible by RISE’s sponsorship, the PIXEL HÛT 3.0 pavilion is set to stay at the Marlborough Sports Garden.

The rigging, first made possible by RISE, will now be a permanent fixture allowing the park to host future design competitions and design challenges for the space engaging with the community and local architecture practices.

The follies and pavilion were a hit – being listed as an ‘unmissable event’ in the Evening Standard, bringing all walks of life to Bankside including the Mayor of Southwark and the Minister for Community and Loneliness as well as an audience of over 9000 on 24th June for ‘the Great Get Together’. The follies were also featured in AJ, FX, Architecture Today, Evening Standard (again).

"This has been an amazing experience – the budget for the design challenge was capped to ensure that it would be possible for practices of all sizes to take part." - Olivia, Director, Concrete.

Our #FollowTheFollies campaign will track the follies’ progress; ‘Mary Wollstonecraft’, designed by Foundry & Bottle has taken up residence at Newington Green as part of the @maryonthegreen #VindicationForMary campaign for a permanent memorial. Meanwhile, RCKa’s #WomenLikeAlice is being relocated to another community space so that present day extraordinary women can continue to be highlighted.

Octavia Hill is going to ‘her’ garden on Red Cross Street which is also marked by her famous blue plaque. Stephen Kavanagh Architects’ ‘Fanny Wilkinson’ joins Cove Burgess’ Octavia Hill in union just as they did more than a century ago marking their great work together cementing their time in history.

Now thanks to RISE, Bankside Open Spaces Trust and Hut architects the legacy of this community installation lives on. 

"It's The London Festival of Architecture, the participating architects and designers: InsideOut, FORGE, RCKa, PRP Architects, Foundry & Bottle, Aros, Cove Burgess, Stephen Kavanagh Architects, One Works, DnA Factory, HUT, RISE and of course BOST that had the magic powers to make quite literally, an extraordinary event happen and long live the legacy of this exciting new project."  - Olivia, Director, Concrete.



Olivia Mudie