A bike that changes lives with their “One for One” promise.

For every Vélosophy sold they donate another bike to a young schoolgirl – bringing her hope of a brighter future.

Fact is that giving a girl a bike will increase her presence in school with close to 30% and her results with as much as 60%. And according to Plan UK – An extra year of education increases a girls’ income by 10 to 20 per cent and is a significant step on the road to breaking the cycle of poverty. Educated girls mean the chance of a better life for themselves and their children, a more prosperous community, a better workforce and a wealthier nation –. It is facts like that, that inspires us everyday. 

“The need for more bicycles in the developing world is big. In fact, it’s huge – an estimated 80 million bikes,  One for one we’ll pay it forward”

“When you buy a Vélosophy you are much more than just a customer – because you are actually the good guy, making a social footprint”

“Bikes actually empower women – and girls increase attendance in school with almost 30% and their results with nearly 60% when they have access to a bike of their own – And that’s why we decided donate bicycles to young girls.” Jimmy Östholm – Founder of Vélosophy Bikes

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